Thanks for checking out my site.  My name is Matt Maruca and I’m from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

I was often taught that life, in terms of health and well-being, is like a roll of the dice; you get what it gives you and you have no power to change it.  With this belief I came to accept that chronic fatigue, poor sleep, daily headaches, poor body composition (very skinny), allergies, gut issues, sunburns, anxiety, and various other issues that caused me suffering were genetic, that I could do nothing but take the pills that various doctors prescribed me, and that suffering is just a part of life.

When I entered high school and these issues began to prevent me from being who I wanted to be academically, athletically, and socially, I decided to challenge this belief, and all other things I was taught about health and well-being.  My life was forever changed when I learned of the emerging science of quantum biology: the future of biology, health, and medicine.  Unlike various conventional drugs and alternative diets that I tried, quantum biology allows one to build an optimal life through an understanding of how life fundamentally works; answering the questions that conventional biology and medicine have been unable to address, particularly: why is our society facing an epidemic of stress, unhappiness, and chronic disease?  What I found has changed my life and those of many people around me, forever.

New scientific research on certain topics is often ignored or not conducted at all because funding is difficult to come by, or comes from special interests with the expectation of certain results; many scientists’ reputations and livelihoods as well as entire industries are based on standing paradigms, and any slight challenge to these paradigms can destroy a scientist’s reputation, despite even the most reasonable arguments.  Anyone who cares about their health and well-being should be very careful about believing a system that is keeping so many people sick.  A key point to keep in mind is that humans generally believe what we are taught without question.  However, if all the things that we are currently taught are true, that we know how biology fundamentally works, we would be able to explain why rates of ailments such as anxiety, depression, autoimmune disease, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer, and many others, continue to increase, unbridled.

To achieve optimal human performance, we have to attempt to capture as much energy as possible from our environment (i.e. to optimize our “quantum yield”).  The more energy we have, the stronger tissues we are able to build, the greater mental agility we are able to exploit, and the greater overall function we will experience.  A great template we can look at is the environment that allowed the modern human, who has conquered the world and made it possible for me to write and for you to read this, to evolve from an ape.  This required massive amounts of energy and certain substrates to occur, and early humans actually had larger brains than we do today.  Genes do not disappear, rather, they build on each other, meaning we still have the genes to be more optimal humans, but some other factor in our environment is missing or preventing us from being the best that we can be.