An Email Exchange on DHA: How It Separated Humans From Apes

Hi Professor,

Today in class it was claimed that our early human ancestors ate primarily plants, and I want to tell you exactly why this is not true.  It is a fact that our previous ancestors, apes, ate primarily plant foods, although this difference is what makes the clear distinction between apes and humans.

[Geographical/Anthropological/Archaeological] During the period of the Younger Dryas, climate significantly changed across the world and in combination with the rapidly shifting geography of the East African Rift Zone
It is possible and likely that a group of apes previously inland could be isolated closer to the coast, in an area where shellfish was abundant and the only widely available source of food.
The human brain is the most complex brain of any animal on this planet, and it requires a certain special fat in large amounts to function properly.  This fat is called DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) and it happens to be found abundantly only in seafood.  Humans can hardly synthesize DHA, and as it cannot appear from thin air, we had to obtain it somewhere from our environment.  The only possibility for the amount that our brain contains is from a seafood source.
DHA‘s requirement in human brain function:
Due to DHA‘s requirement to make a mammalian brain work, it can be found in high quantities in all mammalian brains, although is by far the highest in humans’:
DHA in foods:
Humans inability to make DHA:
“Modern humans have evolved with a staple source of preformed docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) in the diet. An important turning point in human evolution was the discovery of high-quality, easily digested nutrients from coastal seafood and inland freshwater sources.”
meaning that the first humans not only WERE NOT vegetarians, they became humans from apes BECAUSE they ate SEAFOOD:
As such, DHA is HIGHLY recommended for consumption, especially by infants.  In fact, it makes up a key component of human breast milk:
A book on the requirement of DHA in the human brain:
Not surprisingly, DHA has positive effects on traumatic brain injury:
Again, the requirement of DHA for brain function, and our inability to synthesize it, which means we HAVE TO get it from food, and SEAFOOD is where DHA is found:
DHA required for growth and function of nervous tissue (ie the brain), Reduced DHA is associated with impairments in cognitive and behavioral performance:
More DHA=better cognition with age:
DHA improves and prevents psychiatric and neurodegenerative diseases:
Laundry list of health benefits of DHA:
Learning ability, brain development and function, eye function, immune function, etc.
and effects of a lack of it:
ADHD, CF, depression, hostility, cognitive decline, Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, diabetes, cancers
Thorough explanation of human evolution from ape to homo sapiens sapiens:
The more I search, the more I cand find.  Humans very clearly evolved from apes due to a massive supply of DHA from seafood sources, making our species obligate seafood-eaters, not vegetarians.  The more of it we eat, the healthier we are, the less we eat, the more problems we have.  Furthermore, the geographical data supports that geographical changes could and did force a group of our ancestor species to a coastal region with a dense supply of high-DHA food, namely shellfish.
I hope after reading these studies (even just the abstracts) it is clear why DHA was primordial to the development of the human brain, therefore why the first humans were obligate seafood-eaters, and that our inability to synthesize DHA in the amounts necessary means that we must eat it from a seafood source for our brain to function properly.
Keeping my experiences separate from conventional science, I was extremely sick and unhealthy until I began to incorporate a massive source of dietary DHA from seafood into my diet.  Since then, all aspects of my health have improved, including brain function, no headaches ever, almost never getting common colds/viruses, improved eyesight, skin tone, the ability to tan instead of sunburn, my energy levels, my gut, the allergies that I used to suffer from daily, mental issues such as strong symptoms of anxiety and deep feeling of helplessness, sadness, and depression, among other things.  For these reasons especially, I hope to do what I can to prevent false, although compelling, information from gaining ground, as ideas can take people over like religion and harm them beyond their perception (sometimes until it is too late), like they did to me.
In the name of the well-being of our species, cheers.
– Matt

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